Sunday, January 08, 2006

Saint Rose Of Lima

Isabel de Flores y Del Olivia was called Rose by her mother because of her rosy red cheeks. She was born in Peru, South America. Rose was very obedient to her parents. She did all her chores with a smile on her face because she was doing them for the love of Jesus. She always tried to do little things to help people. Rose had a great love for Jesus.

Rose was very pretty. Her mother wanted her to wear beautiful clothes. But Rose would say, "Mother, only beauty of the soul is important.” She took a vow to remain a virgin when she was very young. A rich young man wanted to marry Rose. He offered her a large home and many servants, but she refused. She wanted only to love and serve God.

When her parents had lost their money, Rose went out every day to work, and at night did sewing, to help her parents. She worked very hard to help support her family by doing needlework, embroidery, and by growing flowers.

Rose bore her many and great adversities with heroic patience and consoled the sick and suffering among the slaves, poor and native Indians. She visited the homes of the poor and brought them food. Rose had a compassionate heart for the poor, sick and suffering and would do anything she could to help them.

Rose would spend many hours in prayer in her little garden hut and before the Blessed Sacrament. She offered all her sufferings and good works to God for sinners. Our Lord often appeared to her like a little child to tell her how pleased He was with her kind deeds.

Saint Rose died when she was thirty one and is the first Saint of the Americas.

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