Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony was born Fernando de Bouillon but later changed his name to Anthony. He was very wealthy. Anthony had a deep love for God and wanted to serve him. When he was fifteen he decided to leave his family and all his luxuries and become a priest.

Anthony was a very good preacher. He went to many countries, towns and villages and preached. Many people were converted because of his preaching, prayer and his good example.

Saint Anthony spent a lot of time praying. One day while praying, the Infant Jesus appeared to him. He hugged and kissed him. He was granted this visit because he kept his soul from sin and loved Jesus very much. In most of his pictures, Saint Anthony is seen with the Infant Jesus.

God continued to use Saint Anthony to show the people how much He loved them. Anthony was always very cheerful and willing to do whatever God asked of him.

Saint Anthony died when he was thirty-six. He is known as the “wonder-worker” because many miracles happened when he was alive and after his death.

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