Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Saint Joachim and Saint Anne

Saint Joachim and Saint Anne were the parents of our Blessed Mother Mary. They lived in Nazareth. It was in their home that the Virgin Mother learned to pray and read the Holy Books.

Joachim was a prominent and much respected man. Anne was a very humble and devout woman. They prayed to God to have children and God answered their prayers. They had a baby girl, Mary. She was dedicated to God when she was very young.

It was in the womb of Saint Anne that Mary was conceived without sin, the Immaculate Conception. Mary was always in a state of grace and free from original sin.

Joachim and Anne raised Mary to love God and to know and follow the Holy Scriptures. When the Angel Gabriel came to Mary at the Annunciation, Mary knew the prophecies of Jesus’ life and death. She was humble and said yes to God. The way Mary treated and cared for people showed the virtues and values she was taught by her parents.

Saint Joachim and Saint Anne are the Patron Saints for married couples and grandparents. Their feast day is July 26th.

Thank you God for Saint Joachim and Saint Anne who through them You gave us the gift of Our Blessed Mother.

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