Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saint Gerard Majella

Gerard was born in the year 1726 to a poor family, because he was so sick his parents had him baptized immediately, but he was able to recover from sickness.

Sadly for the Majellan family the father died when Gerard was only 12 years, but Gerard was strong enough to care for his family and so he went to work as a tailor to help make clothes. During this sad time, little Gerard like to pray a lot and he dearly loved our Blessed Mother and would often pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

His boss who saw him praying one day, decided to be mean and unkind to little Gerard, but this little boy took no notice of being teased as he kept a strong prayer life and kept his devotion to our Blessed Mother.

Gerard had a real love for Mothers and so he prayed that God would protect all Mothers from harm, most especially if they were pregnant. He spent many hours praying for Mothers and their babies, so that families all over the world would be happy and healthy.

Even when someone told a very nasty lie about him, still Gerard kept praying and in silence waited for God to reveal the truth, which God did and the person admitted she had lied against Gerard.

Gerard would spend many long hours praying before the Blessed Sacrament even forgetting to go home for meals, so his mother, Mrs Majella would go to Church to call her son home for dinner.

What Gerard wanted most was to become a Priest and serve our Lord by serving and being to kind to all peoples, but most especially Mothers and little babies. So after trying to join several Religious Orders and being rejected, finally Gerard was accepted into the Redemptorist Order, this made Gerard so very happy.

Through all this time Gerard was also able to perform miracles as a special Grace from God. Because he was such a good Priest, many people listened to him and decided to accept God into their hearts. Gerard was also known to cure those who were sick and even restored a young boy who had fallen from a great height back to life through his prayer.

But one day Gerard got very sick and was unable to get better so God called Gerard to Heaven to spend eternity with Him and our Blessed Mother.

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