Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

Kateri was the daughter of a Native American Chief from the Mohawk Tribe. She grew up loving Jesus because her mother had converted to Christianity.

But when Kateri was still very little, both her parents died and little Kateri became nearly blind because of the disease that spread through her village. It was thought best that little Kateri be raised by her uncle who was also an Mohawk Chief, and her aunts.

For a while Kateri was very happy and helped out in her village by doing chores and helping her aunts. Kateri also loved nature and would often go for long walks in the woods. It was during these walks that Kateri would remember the man Jesus, who her mother had loved so much.

One day, a Catholic Missionary named Father de Lamberville, came to live near her village and taught some of the children in the area about Jesus. Through his teachings and the memory of her Mothers prayer, little Kateri decided she too wanted to be a Christian, so the Father Baptised Kateri and she was accepted into the Catholic Church.

This made her uncle very angry and some of the members of her tribe were mean to Kateri. This made Kateri very sad, and so she decided to leave her village.

Kateri then set off on a very long journey through woods and rivers to reach the Catholic Mission which was 200 miles away in Canada. When Kateri arrived at the Mission she was very tired and so she was allowed to receive the Eucharist, this made Kateri very happy.

For the rest of her life, Kateri prayed to Jesus and Our Lady, the people in the Mission loved Kateri because she was always so happy.

Kateri died very young, so now she lives in Heaven with Jesus and Mary.
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Blessed Kateri And The Cross In The Forest

Blessed Kateri And The Cross In The Forest

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