Sunday, January 01, 2006

Saint Maria Goretti

Saint Maria Goretti is one of the youngest Saints.

Maria was a very pretty Italian girl. She was twelve years old and lived on a farm. Maria was obedient and was always happy. She had a deep love for God and would spend a lot of time praying.

One day, one of the young helpers on the farm, Alessandro, went to Maria’s home to hurt her. Maria cried out telling Alessandro “No, no! Do not touch me, it is a sin, you will go to hell! “

She tried to fight him. Alessandro took a knife and stabbed Maria fourteen times. He ran from the house after what he had done to little Maria.

Maria was taken to the hospital. The priest came to visit her and asked her to forgive Alessandro. She replied “Yes I forgive him for the love of Jesus. I want him to go to heaven with me. May God forgive him!”

Maria died and went to heaven a short time after. Maria showed great courage by standing up to the man who tried to hurt her. She forgave him for what he had done to her because she loved Jesus and wanted to do what He told us to do, to forgive those who hurt us. Her feast day is July 6th.

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