Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Saint Lawrence

Lawrence was a fine young Roman. He had a great sense of humor.

He was the first deacon to serve the Roman Church. Lawrence was in charge of the Church property and distributing among the poor the offerings given by the Christians. He also took care of the sick and poor.

The Romans thought that Lawrence was the treasurer of the Church. They arrested him and ordered him to give them the treasures of the Church. Lawrence agreed. He took them to the hospital where the poor and the sick lived. Lawrence knew how much God loves the poor and needy, they were indeed the treasures of the Church. The Romans were furious because they expected to find gold and precious stones.

The Romans sentenced him to death. They put him over a fire. Through this intense pain, Lawrence could still joke. As he was being burnt he told them to turn him over because he was done on this side.

Even through his pain, God gave Lawrence the strength to endure the pain and a deep happiness.

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