Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saint Catherine Of Alexandria

Catherine was born of a well-known and noble family in Alexandria. She was converted to Christianity when Jesus appeared to her in a vision. Catherine was very well educated and studied very hard. She was very devout and always made time to pray quietly to God.

In the days of Catherine the Christians were being persecuted by Emperor Maxentius. Many were executed. Catherine fearlessly practiced her faith and by her example and words many people converted to Christianity and were baptized. When the Emperor heard of this he had the converts burnt over a fire.

When Catherine was eighteen years old, she went to the Emperor and told him to stop attacking the Christians and to stop serving false gods. He was very angered and insulted by what Catherine had told him. Catherine was told to deny her Faith but she would not. She was questioned by the scholars and she converted many of them to Christianity.

Catherine was arrested and imprisoned. While in prison, Catherine became friends with the Emperor’s wife. She was very moved by Catherine and all she said. The Emperor’s wife soon converted to Christianity along with most of her household. Emperor Maxentius was very angry when he heard this and sentenced his wife and her servants to death!

Catherine was also sentenced to death! She was to be tortured on a spiked wheel! Miracles happened! When she touched the wheel it fell apart! The Emperor ordered that Catherine’s head be cut off. When she was beheaded, the Angels from Heaven carried her intact body to Mount Sinai! Later on, a church and convent were built in her honor.

We can ask St. Catherine to help us grow in love for the truths of our faith as she did.

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