Thursday, March 02, 2006

Saint Stanislaus Kostka

Stanislaus Kostka was a young Polish nobleman. His father was a very rich man and Stanislaus was brought up in the court.

Sometimes some of the men sitting at dinner would say nasty things. When they did, little Stanislaus blushed, it made him ill to hear men say dirty and unpleasant things.

Stanislaus went away to school with his big brother but his big brother was a bully. He treated Stanislaus badly, there was nothing for him to do but run away.

His brother followed him riding very fast horses. But God did not let them see Stanislaus on the road! Stanislaus continued on his journey and came upon an empty church. Oh how he wished he could go to Holy Communion! There was no priest. How could he receive it? God took care of that! Angels brought Holy Communion to him.

Stanislaus walked all the way from Vienna to Rome. He had to beg for food. The Blessed Virgin appeared to him and told him that she would take care of him.

He became a Jesuit novice and showed that he was a Saint from the start of his training. He loved to pray and was very pure. Stanislaus did not live for much longer as Mary, our Blessed Mother came for him on the feast of the Assumption and took him with her to Heaven. His feast day is November 13th.

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