Monday, March 13, 2006

Blessed Mary MacKillop

Mary Mackillop was born in 1842, her parents were very good Catholics and Mary's father once studied to be a Priest but God decided he should marry his wife, Flora.

Alexander and Flora had 8 children one of whom was Mary. The family were very lucky in that Australia was a big country and many children were not able to attend schools that often. Through Mary's father, they learn all about the Catholic Faith.

Because they were not very wealthy Mary decided she would start work at only 16 years of age, she worked as a governess and taught other children their studies as well as the Catholic Faith. All the children loved Mary because she was so patient and kind to them all.

It was when Mary attended Mass oneday that she heard a very good Priest speak about teaching even more children the Faith and so Mary decided then that she would become a Nun. With the help of this Priest, Father Woods, Mary began a new Religious Order called the Sisters of St. Joseph, many other ladies joined her in trying to help the poor children in Australia.

Though Mary was a very good and holy lady sometimes people would be nasty to her and this made Mary sad but she did not give up and instead she loved them and God.

After much suffering Mary finally went to Rome and after speaking with the Holy Father, he then approved her Order, they became known as 'The Josephite Sisters'.

Mary travelled all over Australia in very hot temperatures and pouring rain in order to help the poor children who could not afford school, all the people loved Mary very much because she was so humble and meek.

Mary loved St. Joseph and prayed to him often and so the Order that she started grew but Mary became ill.

Blessed Mary Mackillop oneday got very sick and died so now she is in Heaven with God and her favourite Saint, Joseph.

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