Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blessed Ivan Merz

Ivan Merz was born in the year 1896 in Bosnia. Like all children Ivan attended school, but he was unhappy that his school did not have much teaching on the Catholic Church.

Ivan loved God and he loved to pray, while other children would run and play and sometimes be naughty Ivan instead chose not to mix with those who were mean to others.

Once Ivan was old enough he attended University in Vienna, for his great wish was to go back to his homeland and teach the Faith to all who would listen.

Though Ivan loved his faith, he did not want to become a Priest but instead chose to learn the Catholic Faith so he could talk to people about why he loved God and the Church so much.

Unfortunately the First World War broke out and Ivan had to go and fight, even though Ivan fought he also prayed for peace, and was a brave soldier.

When the war was over Ivan returned to the university and finished his studies, he was greatly pleased to gain good scores this meant that he could teach young people all about the Catholic Faith.

Once Ivan left school he started several youth groups which instructed the young on the meaning of the Liturgy and explained all the reasons how and why Catholics celebrate Mass.

It was very important to Ivan that the young people understand why they must be obedient to the Catholic Churches Teachings and to the Pope as well as learning the Bible so they could love God as much as he did.

God was very pleased with Ivan and the way he instructed the youth of his country.

Finally God called Ivan to Heaven to spend eternity with Him and the Holy Mother.
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