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Anna Maria Gianetti was born in the year 1769 in Siena Italy. Her family were not rich so when Anna Marie was six years old the family moved to Rome so that her father, Louis Gianetti could find work.

When Anna Maria grew old enough she left school in order to find work and help her parents to provide for them all. During this time Anna Marie began not to take her faith seriously and joined some of her friends in wanting to have fun and go to parties. This did not make God happy.

When she was about 21 Anna Maria married Dominic Taigi, who worked as a servant to a wealthy family. This was not a happy time for Anna Maria as her husband at times was bad tempered. Soon a baby was born to Anna Maria this made her very happy and also made her think much more about God as she loved her baby dearly.

Anna Maria grew to love God as she helped raise all her children, she was a very good mother and taught her children to love God above all others. Even though her husband could be bad tempered Anna Maria also loved him much and prayed for him.

Because of Anna Maria's love of her Faith, God Gifted her with many visions and miracles, this only made Anna Maria even more humble.

Even though Anna Maria's life was very busy, she always placed her family first and was an excellent mother and a loving wife, this made God very happy with her.

Though Anna Maria was given many visions about the future, she always remained happy and content and prayed much for the Church, her family and the world.

What was most important to Anna Maria was to be a good wife and mother and a good and faithful Catholic, because Anna Maria knew that it is this that makes God most happy when His children are obedient to Him by following the Bible and the Church.

When Anna Maria turned 78 years of age God called her to Heaven.
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