Thursday, November 23, 2006

Saint Agatha

Agatha was very beautiful and lived in Sicily in the third century. The governor heard how beautiful she was and brought her to his palace. He wanted to make her commit sins, but she was brave and would not give in.

She prayed, "My Lord Jesus Christ, you see my heart and you know my desire. I am all yours. Save me from this evil man. Make me worthy of winning out over the devil."

The governor then sent Agatha to the house of a wicked woman and hoped she would become bad too. Agatha had great trust in God and prayed all the time. She kept herself pure. She would not listen to the evil ideas of the woman and her daughters.

After a month, she was brought back to the governor. He tried again to win her. "You are a noblewoman," he said kindly. "Why have you lowered yourself to be a humble Christian?"

"Even though I am a noble," answered Agatha, "I am a slave of Jesus Christ." "Then what does it really mean to be noble?" the governor asked. Agatha answered, "It means to serve God."
When he realized that she would not sin, the governor became angry. He had Agatha whipped and tortured.

Agatha soon died a martyr at Catania, Sicily, in the year 250.

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