Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Saints Day

November 1

As Catholics, we celebrate All Saints and All Souls Day. We recall to mind our beloved dead with beautiful Masses and customs worldwide in their honor. The Church chose this feast to honor God in His Saints. We thank God as the creator of all holiness and for the graces He has showered upon them.

The communion of saints is made up of all true children of God. They are the:

· the militant Church on earth
· the suffering Church in purgatory or
· the triumphant Church in heaven

Some saints needed to pass through purgatory to be purified before they were fit for the Lord's presence. They stayed there until they were ready to see God. They are with him now forever.

Some saints have their own feast day but there are not enough days in the year to celebrate a special day for each of the saints. So on this special day we celebrate and honor all the Saints.

Some stayed close to God all their lives. Others found Him along the way. Some led good lives without too much difficulty. Others made big mistakes, but were truly sorry for their sins and drew close to God.

But you know what? They made it! And so can we! We celebrate their journey that led to eternal happiness with God.

Today we rejoice in our hearts with all the saints in heaven. Remember to thank them too, for helping us overcome our difficulties and temptations. Ask them to help you on your journey through life so that you can be saints like them and go to heaven.

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