Friday, September 01, 2006

Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher was a very big, brave, strong soldier. His name was Offero, and he lived in the land of Chanaan. Looking for adventure, he left his native land saying, "I will roam through the whole world in search of the mightiest of kings, and be his servant."

He came at last upon a hermit who guarded a dangerous passage across a stream, and guided travelers to a place where they could cross with safety. This man of God instructed the giant about our Lord, the greatest King. Offero settled down near the stream and carried travelers across on his shoulders to serve the great King.

One day he carried a little boy on his shoulders. The water began to rise while the boy on his shoulders grew heavier. Offero cried out, "Child you are very heavy! I feel as if I were carrying the whole world upon my shoulders."

The little boy answered smiling, "You are carrying more than the world; you are carrying Him who created heaven and earth."

Saying these words, the boy dipped His hand into the water and baptized Offero. Since then he is called Christopher or Christ-bearer.

Saint Christopher died a martyr.He is Patron Saint of travelers especially motorists.

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