Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saint Bonaventure

Saint Bonaventure was a great man of the Church because he loved God and spread this love to all he met.

When he was a little boy he got very sick and through praying to St. Francis of Assisi he was very quickly healed from his illness. This made Bonaventure love St. Francis so much he wanted to grow and join the Franciscan Order, which he did!

Bonaventure was also very smart but this did not make him boastful and instead he loved to pray in front of the Crucifix, this filled his heart with love for God and everyone he met.

Bonaventure not only joined the Franciscans he became its Minister General which put him in charge of his fellow Fransican Brothers.

Everyone loved Bonaventure because he was so kind and always so cheerful, this brought him many friends and admirers even the Pope admired this mans great love for God and the Church. This is why Pope Gregory X Ordained Bonaventure as Cardinal of Albano.

When sometimes his Franciscans brothers would fight and argue Bonaventure would write to them and try his hardest to make sure that everyone made peace with each other. He knew this would please its founder, St. Francis of Assisi.

Bonaventure worked very hard for the Church and for the Franciscan Order by writing a lot of books and helping others to understand how St. Francis wanted them to live and to obey its Rule.

Oneday the Pope asked Bonaventure to assist him in setting up a Council, Bonaventure immediately began to prepare for this Council, but unfortunately he became sick.

God loved Saint Bonaventure so much that He took Bonaventure to Heaven so they could be together in the Heavenly Kingdom.

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