Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

Elizabeth Cartez was not always a good girl, in fact at times she could be very naughty and had a bad temper. Both of Elizabeth's parents tried very hard to teach Elizabeth that it was not a good thing to keep throwing tantrums.
Though at times Elizabeth could be naughty she also tried to do her best in that she loved both her mother and father and she also loved God and wanted to please Him.
Oneday Elizabeth threw a tantrum during Mass, this made Mrs. Cartez cross and she disciplined little Elizabeth to try to teach her to behave. Little Elizabeth was also very unhappy that she had been naughty and knew that through her temper she had hurt God, this made Elizabeth very sad.

It was through this that little Elizabeth started to pray with all her heart and because she longed to love God and to please Him, her temper tantrums stopped. This also pleased her parents very much, and when Elizabeth was 3 years old she was joined by a sister, who was named Marguerite.
Sadly though Elizabeth's family suffered a terrible sadness when Elizabeth father died, this made them all cry. Elizabeth was so upset that she once again started to behave badly, but through more prayer, Elizabeth learned to trust God most especially when she was feeling sad.
It was during Elizabeth's first Confession that she learnt how much bad behaviour displeased God, this made Elizabeth very unhappy and she decided then that she would try to always be good.
Later on in Elizabeths life she decided she wanted to be a Nun, so with her Mothers permission, Elizabeth entered the Convent of Carmel. This is where she was given the name Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity.
During her time in the Convent Elizabeth prayed a lot and came to have a great love for God, this would help Elizabeth become a Saint as she never wanted to make God sad again.
Elizabeth truly loved the Holy Trinity and prayed always to God with all her heart. One day though Elizabeth became ill, and through her sufferings she showed such courage that many knew her to be a very Holy Sister.

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